Monday, July 18, 2011

Auto Cresting With Greasemonkey

This system can get you all your cities in a matter of days.
You need Firefox with the Greasemonkey add-on and about 100k archers.
The object is to hit the same wild as many times and as fast as you can.
First you want to turn off anything that may slow down hitting the wild, so make sure auto gold, auto train, remove reports, and anything else that might take time off attacking the wild.

ok now in options you want to click on wilds and only wilds under attack type.
seconds in between sending each attack change to 3.
now you want to change Attacking wilderness: to 0 hours.
make sure Auto remove barbarian/wilderness attack reports is checked off.
Seconds in between changing cities mark to 4.
Cycle thru all the cities 2 times and then wait 5 secs before refreshing.

Make sure your wilds are equal amount to your castle, by doing this you don't overtake the wild and can keep on hitting the same one.
With all these settings in place find the nearest level 8 unowned wild and add auto attack wilderness with 9000 archers, click the add attack button, but don't attack yet.
ok now make sure all your rally point spots are available in that city.
send 300 militia men at the wild (no auto for this first wave) and wait to make sure they get there first and then turn on auto attack up at the top of the screen.

Hitting it this fast doesn't let it reset the troops but will still give out crests.
After it's on kinda watch to make sure it's hitting that wild very fast and going through the cities fast.
If everything seems to be working good just let it run.
When you check in keep an eye on the quests to light up (computer must be on for it to keep running).
Sometimes it's every couple hundred hits to get a crest and sometimes its every 10 but you will get all the crests you need within days for all 7 cities, as long as you just let this run.


  1. Works great!!! Thank you! Kingdoms of Camelot is a breeze now hehehe

  2. ya im about to use it in 325 tomorrow and ive got one day of beginners protection left, wish i knew this back in the day when it took mouths to get all the cities